1. Wedding crafting wrapping up, starting to seem a little silly in the face of everyone actually about to arrive and this thing actually about to go down. 

    9 days!

  2. There were a few leftover blocks of wood from the construction of Maya and Damian’s new office. I sanded them up, we drilled holes in them and I planted some succulent clippings (these ones were nabbed from a nearby gas station’s landscaping). 

  3. Nathen took these photos from the hammock next to our RV. I am sanding some blocks of wood left over from Maya and Damian’s office construction to put plants in. Damian is out walking with Ollie. Then, sunset.

  4. Sewing update: All 9 wedding bow ties and one handmade tie, complete! They were inspired by pomp & ceremony, and made from a mixture of Liberty of London fabric & other patterns with a light denim on the reverse. Note the a baby bow tie for my nephew. It will match his papa’s. Cuuuuuute.

  5. Making covered buttons and button looping. Made a tutorial here

  6. Wedding crafting, so far:

    • 90-some napkins (with custom tags off etsy).

    • Bow ties for our seven brothers (using these instructions).

    • Succulent centrepieces (cuttings generously provided by my sister-in-law’s mother).