1. The Daily Make: Mail.

  2. Oh look, I found another variation. I call this one Tiny Bedrooms / Big Living.

  3. The Daily Make: Solar cooked chicken and a birthday celebration for my darlin’

  4. Another make.

    I keep coming back to some variation of these two layouts. Which is funny, because the three rooms (2 bedrooms and 1 office) take up exactly the same floor space in both versions.

    The 2nd version requires two new windows on the east side instead of one. But I like that both bedrooms have an east facing window, and that they don’t share a wall.

    I like the combo living/dining room, even though it’s pretty snug, and how that makes space for a “play room” / exercise space and piano at the back of the house.

  5. The Daily Make: Tire piles.

    My favourite biomechanics blogger, Katy Bowman, mentioned in her latest podcast that she’d bought an old farmhouse and it was still in escrow but they were on the property clearing brush anyway.

    Our equivalent of brush is tires, so we stacked them ready to load.

    With rims: 28
    Without rims: 42

    Estimated cost of disposal: $322


  6. The Daily Make: Clearly what I want is moveable walls.

    Here’s a version with an interior “courtyard” for the bedrooms.

  7. The Daily Make: Sunset over the junk pile that will soon be ours.

  8. The Daily Make: Brutal leg workout.

    The gym gave me free sessions with four different trainers to make up for a billing error. My contract is about to expire so I thought I’d better use them.

    Two days later, I’m limping.

  9. The Daily Make: Added an office nook in the hall for me.

    Steve suggested a stage and seating in the backyard. I like the sounds of that.

  10. The Daily Make: New dish cloths from an old towel.

    Half of one large beach towel made 16 small cloths. It’s handy to have a serger for this project.