1. Nathen’s Make: Two new shelves for the outside fridge.

  2. The Daily Make: Checkin’ out the water at the dry lake.

    We had a flash flood about a week ago and everything is green and bushy out there. Crickets chirping and swallows swooping. Quite the party.

  3. The Daily Make: Salvage.

    A cart and camp stove for my outdoor kitchen.

  4. The Daily Make: Took out a partial wall, turned it into a bookshelf. Etc.

  5. The Daily Make: Reading Johnny Gray and finessing the kitchen.

  6. The Daily Make: Guest pods.

    Bet you didn’t see that comin’!

  7. The Daily Make: Envisioning a straw bale wrap.

    According to one article, it costs about $100 a linear foot to do this.

  8. The Daily Make: Watering the trees at the new house.

    They haven’t been watered in months and some of them are looking rough.

  9. Nathen’s Make:

    Nathen took meticulous measurements and made me a sketchup of the house (shell only, as we still don’t have keys).

  10. The Daily Make: Dessert balls, inspired by Root Simple’s un-recipe.

    All the foods in this dessert are found in the desert: Dates, pistachios, almond flour, shredded coconut, chia seeds, salt, coconut oil.